Forgot by Dorothy Bird

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Leading with heartbreaking delicacy and a clear sense of artistic intention, Dorothy Bird makes music for heavy thinkers to escape into. Her songs express complex emotions and ideas, soothing the soul and welcoming a moment of calm and freedom from the chaos of the world.

Presenting engaging, atmoshperic soundscapes, alongside beautifully pure vocals that softly and melodically whisper poetic references on life, Dorothy‘s songwriting speaks volumes on behalf of authenticity. Having grown up between Berlin and Bulgaria, the influence of European melodies, Balkan warmth and melancholy, nature and cultures shines brightly.

Influenced by Björk and Portishead as much so as Thom Yorke and Goldfrapp, the art-pop songwriter already has two solo EPs to her name. One is the well-received ‚Out Of The Dark‘, featuring acoustic softness interwoven amidst layers of electronica and indie-pop experimentation. In addition, a plethora of singles have emerged, not least of all ‚Forgot‘ – a fine example of the heartfelt nature and unwavering realness of her artistry.

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