Lights by Bisi

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Adebisi Obateru AKA Bisi is a world music fusion artist using his music as an intersection for movement and philosophy. He is the globetrotting performer, dancer, explorer, and songwriter. He created his first demo Lust with David Kieffer of Life Of Dillon and completed it with Chez Gonzalez, which made it to the YOUBLOOM Music Awards in Dublin 2012. His second song Remember-San Francisco highlighted the talents of Norwegian Actress Anne Cecilie Ukkelberg, Reggae Prime Minister, Dapper Dan, and Sana Langema. While it was getting filmed on Haight Street, The french Cyclists who cycled around the 7 continents in 3 years happen to be staying at one of the locations and decided to use the song as a soundtrack in their San Francisco episode. After his music picked up momentum in San Francisco, Bisi formed a band with Rock n Roll Funk Guitarist Joshua Smith, and right there on Haight street the two performers wrote all 12 Songs they perform under Bisi & The Moonwalker and the album Dopamine. It is a testament to resilience in the face of struggles. Bisi also joined forces with Tyler Garnett A.K.A. Jungle Kat, A.K.A. Dapper Dan, A.K.A. Duke Handsome Dick and Kevin Land to become the Urban Electronic Dance Trio Mr. Left & Mr. Right who went on to release a 10 track album “City Slick” while working with Kameronessi on a few collaborations for the Particle Circus under ELO KWENCE. Bisi was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

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