White Phosphorus by Reign, Eleven

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Reign is from Richmond Virginia. The HIGHLAND PARK north side area .he is African American native American and Mayan. He started pursuing music after being a victim of gun violence on 8/11/12 when he was shot once in the right-hand Reign is the CEO of Revelation Recordz. Which is hip hop’s new prophetic powerhouse. Reigns’ single that has been recently released by empire is titled “White Phosphorus “ White Phosphorus did 18,000 copies first week independently. This record is hot similar to White phosphorus which is a substance that self combusts soon as it hits the air and begins burning at 2,760 degrees Celsius and 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Reigns music is different is extraordinarily and amazingly captivating as he introduces a theatrical style of rap that revolves around God saying to the angels and the angels saying to God REVELATIONRECORDZ Is providing a sound the listener is sure to enjoy REVELATIONRECORDZ is the future of music the future of entertainment and the beginning of a new explorations new worlds a new dimension this is HIS EXCELLENCY KING REIGN THE RULER this is REVELATION RECORDZ.

Interview by Tim Brown

When and why did you start playing? I was baptized at the age of 5 and was in the church choir the sunbeams as an alto

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why? I admire all the musicians cause me being the CEO of revelationrecordz I view it from all angels everyone is getting out their dreams from the artist, the executives to the CEOs everyone is believing in what there doing that hopefully, it will make them successful I watch a wish, everyone, the best in their endeavors.

Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones? growing up my family played at Atlantic star, midnight star, Stevie Wonder, Prince other artists I was told I was mimicking that they were playing and they decided to put me in the choir.

Who are your favorite musicians? Groups? CDs? I would have to say they all haveing such respect for the craft of music as a whole all sounds can be intricated in a perfect form its just hearing a particular sound building there Other sounds around it to make magic then Add the words so when I see an hear of other people making music I understand the magic it took to make the sound.

Have you been to competitions? Fleadh’s? Any prizes? no, I have never won any prizes. I have been in a few local showcases and open mics and I have performed in I am Virginia talent show.

Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV. No, I haven’t done any shows since the world was stricken with the Covid-19 I do have a single that’s playing nationwide on several radio stations that are “white phosphorus “.

What makes this kind of music “good” to you? hip hop to me is the most powerful form of music in the dimension the right beat with the right message magnified can make the sky fall it can make a painting of a dimension full of planets, comets, and starships in Gods art gallery turn into a blank black canvas with the sound of let there be darkness.

Why did you choose to play this kind of music? I choose hip hop because it captivates all that hear it humans and animals alike.

Let’s Talk about your music and your last work… this is the first project I’m working on I’ve released singles and been on several mixtapes this is my first single on streaming sites and radio my music some say is the lord’s theme music I call it revelationrecordz it’s a more in-depth style of GOD says to angels and the angels say to GOD and the angels say to each other.

How do you feel about the internet in the music business? The internet in the music business is beautiful all the music is organized through your device and u can hear anything for everything for an affordable price which gives us the ability to reach billions of customers at an immediate pace offering a clear listening experience there’s over 8 billion people on earth threw the internet u have the opportunity to get 2 to 3 billion people to simotaniusely tune in to stream music if there interested enough an as we expand our dimension an began to put humans on other planets those individuals will be able to stream music the same we they stream music now on earth so in the future, as we colonize the dimension there will be billions of people to stream music dimension wide thanks to the internet.

What are the plans for the future? Expanding into other business ventures outside of music The movement I created GODS MONEY COALITION which is a movement to have all races and religions on earth to vow to the Ten Commandments of GOD under peace and unification a new world order in the name of “1 God1 Government 1Dimension” I will Rename earth Heaven an make it the center of the dimension a truly give the people Heaven on Earth with so much going on often they forget we are at the beginning of new thousand years.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music? I can articulate what I’m saying and seeing into the music a lot better now then when I started

Could you briefly describe the music-making process? I’m a writer it’s pretty simple silence I focus and i create rarely create to the sound of music or a beat I usually go to a producer with a song and have him create the music around the vibe he gets from the lyrics An try to create the beat I hear in my mind. To match it white phosphorus I wrote the record to the beat after I heard the beat lol.

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