Play Wit Em’ by Keishh

Rating: 5 out of 5.

New Jersey is no stranger to female thoroughbreds, especially in the world of Hip-Hop. 

Shikiba Carr, better known by her stage name  “Keishh” is no short coming of this testament. 

Born and raised in Jersey City, NJ, Kieshh’s journey began on September 10th,

1995. Like many of her counterparts, Keishh had what she describes as a “good”

childhood, although surrounded by the typical trials tribulations of the inner city streets that is Jersey City.  Being the only child raised in a single-mother home, 

Shikiba spent most of her time participating in school-related

sports & activities. This included cotillions, cheerleading, and football, unlike the majority of her female peers. Although heavily impactful and supportive in her life, and in her music, Kieshh’s father spent most of her childhood incarcerated; forcing Shikiba to develop toughness and savvy about herself.

Raised by a lineage of early childhood educators (her mother & grandmother) Keishh was no stranger to higher education and pursued a nursing career before dropping out of college to pursue music full-time. Beginning to write raps and do remixes with her friends.

At the age of 14, Ms. Carr didn’t began to take music seriously until 3 years later, at the age of 17. The name “Keishh” was given to Shikiba by a former associate who saw parallels between Ms. Carr and “Keisha” from the movie “Belly” featuring the late – legend DMX, and Nas. Liking the name, Keishh decided to customize the moniker and run with it. When asked what pushed her into music in the first place, Ms. Carr makes it clear that it was her father that initially embraced the music vision; having a background in music himself. 

A music career is a dream that her and her father began pursuing together upon his release from prison, making it not only her dream, but a vision that they both would share. 

Shikiba’s world would soon be turned upside down with the unexpected passing of her father, and what seemed to be the end of the dream that they had started together. Although taken back, Keishh decided to not let this end her, instead, she uses this tragedy to fuel her passion and strive even harder toward the goal that she & her late – father had set. “It would’ve been selfish of me to give up after my father passed, I have to keep going.” With mind, body, and spirit set to attack the goal at hand, Keishh transforms from the young aspiring nurse that likes to rap, to “Da Don”, an artist who’s voice & presence is definitely beautiful & unique.

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