Rating: 5 out of 5.


New Jersey has an upcoming rap ruler and he goes by the name of RICH PO! Get use to the name because this charismatic student of the game is sure to be a major topic in the world of music for 2021. Life tribulations and learned lessons taught “PO” the art of quality with his sound and just by judging, the hip hop game is about to receive a new problem named RICH PO! His witty flow and kinda abstract scratchy tone will draw the attention of millions once he embellishes on the scene. His newest projects are in the works and we hear that some major brands are about to endorse PO, so the best of luck to him on his longtime mission which is pleasing the streets globally with his music. Djs from all over are about to go crazy over this future icon, and so are all of the streaming outlets, via radio and television. Please stay tuned, and chime in to RICH PO’S movement as he holds no boundaries for excellence!

Facebook: Rich Po
IG: RichPo732
Twitter: RichPo12
Snapchat: RichPo732
Clubhouse: RichPo732

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