BARAK – Pleasure To Meet You

Rating: 5 out of 5.

An Israeli singer, 28 years old that lives in Tel Aviv. He sings, dance and act since he was seven years old and participated in many musicals and theatrical shows during his childhood. In the age of 18 he has recruited for the IDF as a lead singer in military band. At the age of 24, BARAK was already owning a band that performed in North America in  several tours. On the age of 27 he started working on is first international album. The producing of the album is by one of the greatest producers in Israel, Chen Metzger Eder, that successfully present Israel in many Eurovision Song Contests. ”Pleasure To Meet You” is a dance song with elements of classical music. The vision of The album is connecting the classical and electronic worlds of music.

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Pleasure To Meet You / BARAK

It’s the end of the road for us
It was a pleasure to meet you
But no one in here can take care of us
We must realize that the song that we sang wasn’t about us
Though we sang it for years
We forgot all the parts that spoke about trust, I believe

It’s the end of the road for us
We turned everything good into a curse
That’s just frightening us
We were brilliant at cooking our lives to serve them on plates of dust
Though we knew how to make a great steak it was slowly choking us, though we tried to adjust

So what are you waiting for
What are you waiting for
If all that is left is some words that we locked behind a thousand doors
Now our silence is bigger then all of those gestures we used to hold
Tell me what are we waiting for

It’s the end of the road for us
It was a pleasure to meet you
But now there is nothing left of us
I used to believe that the sacrifice will be saving us
Though I know you still care we are going nowhere that is helping us
Nothing Is

What are we waiting for
Tell me what are we
What are we waiting for
Tell me what (what are we)
Tell me what (what are we)
Tell me what (what are we)

Lyrics and music: Stav Helen Kurzberg

Musical production and arrangement: Chen Metzger eder

Artistic management: BARAK

Director: Eli Klein

Photographer: Ittai Meyer

Second photographer: Ilya Barkovsky

Choreography: Anita Kroitor

Dancers: Oz Amir, Atalya Ben Ari, Muli Dwek, Yael Dover

Designers: Franklin Tavares Praxedes, Shay More Yaffe, Idan Cohen

Styling: BARAK & Shay More Yaffe

Makeup: Vered Siani Yitzhaki

Hair: Liron Shmuel, Shlomi Harush

Production: BARAK

Programming and Orchestration: Chen Metzger eder

Guitars: Avi Singolda

Cello: Maya Belzitzman

Viola: Shuli Waterman

Violins: Yael Brolsky and Tali Goldberg

Mix: shai brender

Mastering: Jeremy lubesy @ vlado meller

Recorded and edited Chen Metzger Eder 

studio of Chen Metzger Adar Me-Music

By Lior Peretz Mickey Avioz and Chen Metzger Adar

Personal management: Aviv Bar 

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