Lonely Mile by The Remus Tucker Band

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Remus Tucker Band came about somewhere around 2012 in Denver, CO. Remus Tucker is The Mountain Man of Rock & Country and no stranger to fun. Born in the backwoods of Michigan, and spending a lot of time in the South, he is lover of country, old time blues and southern rock and this color’s his style in many ways. Tucker has played with the likes of Firefall, John Lee Hooker Jr. and has always left crowds satisfied. The artist’s influences are many, with vocal styles that are reminiscent of Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, Geoff Tate, and Ronnie Van Zant. In 2013 the band released their first album South of New Orleans which gained them a loyal fanbase, global radio airplay and performances at various local and regional festivals including the Taste of Colorado and People’s Fair. They are currently working on their second album and have released 2 singles, “Lonely Mile” and “Come On which are streaming on Pandora and gaining popularity worldwide. Whether it’s playing locally or across the country, for motorcycle rallies, poker runs, private parties, bars or large music venues, the Remus Tucker Band brings its high energy music and is sure to please.


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