Tony Angelo – Artist of the Month (June 2020)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

K-Pop and American Pop music consolidates: Tony Angelo is our revelation artist
We are all aware of the increasing expansion of the fusion between famous oriental music genre known as K-Pop and American Pop music. Famous K-Pop groups as BTS and Super Junior have incorporated collaborations with American artists like Halsey and the South American band REIK, respectively, into their repertoire.
This combination, even though it shows that is a latent triumph, doesn’t finish its consolidation as a musical genre. This is generally attributed to the shortage of artists who aren’t encouraged enough to join this intrepid mix of sounds.
We want to introduce you to Tony Angelo, the artist who, with his inspired sounds on popular K-Pop songs, will strategically consolidate Oriental and American genre fusion.
Tony Angelo is an American singer and songwriter that, with his amazing music skills, works with people all around the world creating original melodies and songs. His mixture of cultures can be appreciated on his most recent albums ‘A Little Fun’, which was done in Australia, and ‘Mask’, that was done in Venezuela.
Touching themes on his lyrics like motherhood, leaves us with a similar air to sentimental melodies that we listen on kpop genre in songs like ‘Dear Mama’ from the recognized girlband Girls’ Generation, and ‘MAMA’ from the popular boyband BTS.
To us, K-Pop lovers, we can also enjoy among Tony’s songs, the feelings and emotions we experience in our personal relationships and the instability we can live, similar to the songs ‘Psycho’ from Red Velvet and ‘Stay’ from BLACKPINK.
Many Tony’s lyrics moves around self-love, connecting immediately with wonderful K-Pop songs as ‘Answer: Love Myself’ from BTS.
Tony and his team certainly allow us believe, with their stunning voices and amazing compositions, they are the future of the K-Pop and American pop fusion we like the most.

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