Lady Pulizzi – Artist of the month (June2020)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Lady Pulizzi “Italian Drip”, is sending waves through the music industry with her manager David Hewlett and The Misty TV Firm Corporation located at 1 Rockefeller Center 10th & 11th Floors NY NY 10020.

This new movement is breathe taking with Lady Pulizzi is known as the “Queen Of The Italian Drip.” Now some would say why is Lady Pulizzi rapping and she’s Italian? Especially with the ignorance of thinking all Italians are prejudice against anything considered black? Lady Pulizzi through her movement shown tis is truly not the case.

Lady Pulizzi is from the UK with a strong accent yet she still has no problem spitting bars and letting people know she’s Queen Of The Italian Drip. When asked about her movement she sweetly said, “Italians has always had a heavy influence in hiphop, from the designer clothes such as Versace, Gucci, Giuseppe and etc. to how labels are ran and even how clicks are organized. So with the understanding of that I feel as though its time for us Italians to show we have bars too, and our Drip has to be respected as being a huge part of the hiphop bringing our culture into hiphop, but this time told by us with drip.To my understanding no one has a movement like mine its historic for the world of music, doing this i know i will be leaving an impeccable legacy behind in hiphop. I love music and I love the culture of hiphop and I have a place in this hiphop world with my, ‘Italian Drip.’

Lady Pulizzi “Italian Drip” is available on all streaming platforms you must check out the record! Lady Pulizzi put the song together very well and her accent made the song even more drippier the track deserves her to get artist of the month here with us at MTV-USA Lady Pulizzi is also coming to America to be on the hit show “Writrz Block” by The Black Bill Gates James “Gotti” Floyd. This will exciting to see the international aspect of hiphop. Lady Pulizzi is bringing her movement the “Italian Drip” to the states and we look forward to it. Lady Pulizzi has her own jewelry & make-up line coming soon!

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