Welcome to My Funeral by Shadows and Vails

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Shadows and Veils – a 3-piece band from Birmingham in the UK.

Their line-up is as follows:

Laura – Vocals
Fabio – Bass
Jez – Drums

Shadows and Veils influences are as wide as they are broad. They enjoy all music and feel that you have to appreciate music for its influences and the origins in order to grow as a musician yourself. The following bands are some of their biggest influences: Led Zeppelin, Bring Me the Horizon, Evanescence, Nirvana and Depeche Mode.

Jez and Fabio knew they had something really special in Laura and it is easy to see why. They pushed forward with writing and after a few sessions in the rehearsal room the first song Devil in Me had been written. They were all eager to record it and after about a month of work it was ready. They subsequently went on to record “Witch’s wrath” and a cover of a Prince song called “Sign of the times.” The video for sign of the times was recorded at 3 separate locations. This was because of the lockdown during the Corona virus pandemic.

Their most recent release is “Welcome to my funeral.” Which is the bands crowning glory. With over 120,000 views on Facebook and a plethora of positive comments, the track is on fire at the moment. The track has been released with an anime video. The band teamed up with an award-winning anime editor and took the track to new heights




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