P.M.O. (Piss Me Off) by Zay Jackson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Xavier Johnel Jackson, also known by his nick/stage name Zay Jackson is a 16 year old American singer, songwriter, and musician born in Prince George, VA. From the time he was born, Zay has been surrounded by music. Zay’s parents were a professional writing team, and had some industry level success. With that being said, Zay has been singing since he was just 4 years old and writing since he was 12.

Over the years, Zay has taught himself how to play the piano and guitar. He has achieved district and state nods for his excellent work in chorus while attending Prince George High School, and is now excited and eager to take his talents into the highly competitive world of being a recording artist. Zay’s soft tone, original style, and knack for writing catchy songs are key attributes to his future success. Look out world!! Here he comes!!!



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