Fadi Awad

 The Multi-Awards Winner Artist Fadi Awad’s New Release: “To Glory Land”! 

On the 4th of November 2019, The Multi-Awards Winner Music Artist Fadi Awad has released his last single this year called “To Glory Land”, labelled by “Proconwire”… A top musical and film score masterpiece that is very rich in variations and containing different fitting instruments and beats. Many observers believe that this is Fadi’s best score so far and think that it will bring many good results. In his latest interview Fadi said: “To Glory Land is the missing peace that we need to try bringing better results in the cinematographic world. Many important contests are waiting for us ahead and we have to be well-prepared and participate with maximum strength.” 

So far Fadi is doing good this year in the Cinematography World: He won Trophies in “LA Music Video Awards 2019”, in “Las Vegas International Film Festival & Screenwriting Awards Competition 2019”, in “The Canadian Cinematography Awards (August 2019)”, in “The Living Legends 2019”, and so far, he reached the final in Hollywood Music in Media Awards, Hollywood US International Golden Awards, Cyprus International Festival (Golden Aphrodite), 5 Continents International Film Festival, Oniros Film Awards (Italy), and other contests which results will be announced in the near future. “We have to be always optimistic” said Awad “and opened to learn new things because in this Industry you can never stop learning!” And he added: “I always thank my supporters everywhere and already promised them to do the maximum I can for trying to bring the best results possible! And until now, all is going good. I hope things continue this way and better!” 

This artist is very well appreciated and respected especially that he’s been walking in his path since the late 80s and done many top achievements without any sponsorship, although he’s opened to get a good one. We really wish him the best of success in everything he does and urge on everyone to support him. 

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