The tracklist for Coldplay‘s recently announced album Everyday Life is out now – but not in the way that you would probably expect. The band detailed their forthcoming LP in the classified sections of local newspapers in the U.K. and France in an epic hooray for print journalism. Imagine opening up a periodical with a fresh cup of pulpy orange juice to look for a part-time gig, only to see Coldplay revealing 16 new songs. You might knock over that cup onto the floor and scream a couple of expletives because someone’s going to have to clean that up.

You’ve got love this…

Coldplay reveal the full tracklisting of their new double album Everyday Life via a classified ad in the North Wales Daily Post.

That was Jonny Buckland’s local paper where he grew up.


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Coldplay’s reveal caught folks off guard. They first took made the announcement in Wales’ Daily Post on Wednesday (October 23) before following up with similar ads in newspapers such as Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald, France’s Le Monde, and New Zealand’s Otago Daily Times. They’re still popping up all over the place.


I once had a holiday job at the Daily Post, placing photos of houses for sale. I wasn’t very good at it. JB …North Wales Live@northwalesliveEXCLUSIVE: @coldplay have made a world-first album reveal in a North Wales Daily Post newspaper advert #wearenorthwales #northWales #Coldplay1919 #Coldplay #EverydayLife #musicnews #Album #Wales #Cymru …8,7013:27 PM – Oct 23, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy1,837 people are talking about this

In case you thought it was some kind of elaborate hoax, the band confirmed it was real on Twitter with a tweet signed by lead guitarist Jonny Buckland, who grew up in Wales. “I once had a holiday job at the Daily Post, placing photos of houses for sale. I wasn’t very good at it,” it reads.COLDPLAY WILL RETURN WITH A NEW ALBUM AFTER WORKING ON IT FOR A CENTURY

Coldplay’s rollout for Everyday Life has been interesting so far. For starters, they announced it through letters sent to fans, revealing that they worked on it for “100 years.” Unless there’s time travel involved, this is likely in keeping with the band’s vintage theme for this particular body of work.

The band also posted a mysterious picture on Instagram, that’s also popping up in metro stations around the world, seemingly showing the members as four in a music group from a century ago, complete with appropriate clothing and a bass drum reading “The Wedding Band Dance Orchestra.” As we get closer to the LP’s November 22 release date, there’s no telling what other stops that Coldplay will pull. Could they stream the LP live from the surface of the moon?

Check out Coldplay’s ad up above.

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