Pain By Intelligent Diva

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Intelligent Diva is a Billboard Artist who happens to be, a songwriter, lyricist, model, actress, and entrepreneur from Jacksonville, Florida. She is the owner of two record labels both Intelligent Diva Music and Diva Underground Records. The artist is known for three Billboard Hits which are Sinner’s Prayer. Baby I Love You, and User. This was accomplished with a long list of catalog hits that have charted across several music charts worldwide. I D. started her own record label Intelligent Diva Music where she is also a music publisher in 2019. Recently she has also launched her new label Diva Underground Records which is a digital streaming label that focuses on more than just music. It will completely focus on digital products. Intelligent Diva is a music artist with a full-time career who self-funds both record %. She is an artist with a passion for music that doesn’t want to be kept inside a box. Intelligent Diva grew up singing in the church choir and high school chorus. Later she became a background singer while in Dexheim Germany. The artist has contributed hit records to the music industry as an indie artist, including her on the leads and background vocals. Her catalog and brand are all original music. The artist is also known for features that she has released alongside Sean Kingston, and Icy Lando.

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