T8IANA – Celebrat8ion

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Tatiana , publicly known as T8iana (pronounced Tay-tiana), is an Australian model, singer-songwriter of part Mauritian-Indian and French descent. A rage on social media, her Facebook and Instagram accounts have established a large online following due to her mysterious persona heightened by the sexuality that defines her. She is described as being a talented songwriter who creates powerful tunes drawn from personal experiences laced with a strong universal appeal. Her singing-songwriting debut has come in the beginning of 2022 – a dance/pop song “What Have You Gotta Say Now?” (produced by Clarence Jey– Grammy Winning LA based record producer, of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ fame).
This single was played on BBC Radio One, reached UK Top 100 iTunes daily dance charts and T8iana was also featured on Rolling Stone Magazine’s Global Artist Spotlight.
Her second single in 2022 is ‘Your Lover From An Alternate Reality’ which she says she wrote addressing her social media followers. She refers to her social media accounts as ‘alternate realities’ where she ‘comes to life’ for her followers. The music in this track cleverly incorporates sounds from 80’s Atari Video Games like Space Invaders. The song hit #31 on UK iTunes daily dance charts on 19th April 2022. Her latest release is ‘The Sign’ released in also hit the top 100 UK iTunes daily dance charts on 18th May 2022.

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