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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Hi! My name is Justis Bratt Supreme Dictator and Ruler of all Worlds, Realms, and Multiverses. I was born Oct 8, 1999 on the 86th Zerooba Planet in the Astonia Galaxy under a Sapphire stone hidden in the depths of their trenches. My mother, youngest daughter of Royal Highness Katie of Norgandar (kin to King of Warlocks and Werewolves) and Divine Deity of all Sorcerers Haseem Dulah, shit me out of her nipples [her vag was too busy filing taxes that day 😦 ] From a very young age I was very in tuned with my true destiny. By age 1, I knew I was too advanced for my peers. At age 3, while all of my friends were just learning how to walk, I was bussing it wide open on a Friday night like it’s the year 2019 and I’m a TikTok baddie video hoe for Dababy. By age 5, I knew I wanted to take “being on my Bratty Business” intergalactic. By age 18, I was doing MULTIVERSE tours, showing women, men, and non-binaries how to back it up and throw that fat ass dump-truck like a thick thigh, ant booty, tooth shaped hips having IG Baddie. My life mission is to ensure that no individual lives through the pain and agony that is living without having the knowledge of how to shake that ass like a salt shaker. The formula for bust that bussy open on a Thursday is y=shake+ass^2. By the grace of Lord Yoruba, will this equations serve you a perfect booty bounce each time. Mint Chocolate is the best flavor of ice cream. Psst, I wanna tell you a secret hehe. I live with the Ghouls and the Gargoyles 🙂

Justis Bratt
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