You Share with Me by Alex Wellkers

Rating: 5 out of 5.

In 2014, the one-man project Alex Wellkers was founded by himself in Switzerland. He early started spending his time with music. At age 6, Alex began playing the accordion. He then changed to harmonica, keyboard, classical guitar before he found his passion in playing Blues music on an electrical guitar. He wrote his first songs at ageThose were in German. At age 16, he started doing some freestyle Rap music as MC and had a couple of concerts as duet with a bassist on his side. Over time, he became more interested in Grunge and Rock music. At t his time, hestarted to write songs in English. This was followed by a phase of life he played the piano. He then decided to record an EP on his own. An acoustic one without any double tracks. The result was pre, a five track EP. But since he still used to listen to a lot of different Rock music, some drums, basslines, a band was needed. He finally produced see on his own. Straight Rock and Pop music. Just continuing his work as musician led to another EP called what, released in 2015. Originally, its sequel was called i but due to online shop restrictions (an EP name has to contain two characters at least), the sequel EP name got changed to aye. In summer 2016, he recorded have. In 2017, he moved to Germany where parts of the EP done and its followers were recorded. He finally moved back to Switzerland to complete the album famous now.


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