Mona Augustin-I’ll Be Gone

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I’lI Be Gone” is a reflective song inciting introspective thoughts. The melody carries the listener to places we don’t often go. With words of inspiration and wisdom. Both rich in melody and lyrics “I’ll Be Gone” is sure to be an award-winning song. It is currently trending on every social media platform and performing well for both sellers and promoters. This song is making waves in the music industry Attract more listeners and followers with new sounds and new music from Mona Augustin.

Video Production: Yon Sel Lanmou & Mona Augustin

Music Director: Mona Augustin

Producer: Mona Augustin

Producer: Gaby Cherilus (Gaby Beatz)

Acoustic Guitar: Mona Augustin

Background Vocals: Mona Augustin

Background Vocals: Jake Johnson ( Paradyme)

Lead Vocals: Mona Augustin

Mastering Engineer: Jake Johnson ( Paradyme)

Mixing Engineer: Jake Johnson ( Paradyme)

Production Assistant: Candice Welsh

Composer: Mona Augustin

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