The Lou Baxter Project

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

The Lou Baxter Project:

Glamorous retro-rock with the sound of the 21st century

Sex, drugs & rock’n’roll are old news for Lou Baxter from Long Beach, Ca. After his road-trip through the US which he mainly financed with gigs at local bars, he made his way to good old Germany, the country of his ancestors. There he met guitarist Torsten Drever, singer Oliver Wengeler and keyboard player Peter Albert. After the first jam sessions the three musicians became the musical mirror of Lou’s soul. The Lou Baxter Project embodies Lou’s stories and pours his life into their lyrics.

In March 2021 the Lou Baxter Project releases its first single „Bloody knuckles“. But the trio does not stop there and quickly release more singles – all of them danceable retrospectives of Lou’s rousing past. With the release of „Fly away“ the band has finally found their musical style.

The intricate brass arrangements of the Lou Baxter Project are reminiscent of white tuxedos and black bowties. The dirty organ sounds with their Leslie-effect delight fans of the 70s. Groovy drums and modern synths connect their sound to today’s music. Oliver’s expressive melodies run like a golden thread through their music and firmly establish their brand recognition. Torsten’s guitars leave the beaten track and change from Tarantino-style sounds to funky riffs.

The Lou Baxter Project stands for glamorous retro rock with the sound of the new millennium. Start it up, the engine growls. The music drives – the crowd goes wild!

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