Kenya Amir – Artist of the Month (July 2021)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Misty TV Firm Corporation pop sensation Kenya Amir is truly becoming a household name in the entertainment business. Who once looked like a shy kid is now turning into an loud sound of passion and love rather he’s talking about breaking up with an EX causing “Static”, which was an incredible music video turned mini movie directed by Misty Blanco or rather it be having a conversations about a threesome while making “Riyal” which is Kenya Amir’s 3 single which is also directed by Misty Blanco CEO of The Misty TV Firm Corporation.

Misty Blanco definitely knows talent when she sees it, she first brought us Kenya Amir and his hit single “Papaya” that he caught a stunning 50 million listeners on FM radio stations across America in just 2 months of the release. The Misty TV Firm Corporation took Kenya Amir and a bunch of their other artist on tour to VA with Kenya Amir as one of the leading acts outside of Misty Blanco herself. After Kenya Amir’s major release he was awarded a amazing plaque for his hit single “Papaya” the fell in the top 100 worldwide.

Kenya Amari has been truly flexing his skills and new emergence while doing major performances and parties across the globe. Misty Blanco has really shown she has an ear for talent as Kenya Amir climbs the charts while becoming the new sensation of pop music.

Kenya Amir is showing us here at MTV-USA that he is the next musical sound that will be controlling the atmosphere of pop. Kenya Amir will be appearing in a upcoming major movie which hasn’t been announced yet however it will be released on Lionsgate. The Misty TV Firm Corporation has a lot in store for the world as they continue to assist in building the Kenya Amir legacy and brand and we cheer him on to the top of his success and career as the new kid on the block. Just to make a footnote if the King of pop Michael Jackson was alive I believe he would be in full support of The Misty TV Firm Corporation and the branding of Kenya Amir the Prince of Pop.

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