Rating: 5 out of 5.

GoMerus Bio

Writing seductive and sophisticated songs when surrounded by the modern world of disposable pop is one of the hardest endeavours an artist will ever pursue, but Latvian duo GoMerus have scaled this almost impossible task and reached the summit of musical nirvana.

Comprising of DJ/producer Serge Butler and vocalist/composer Valery, they have come together to write exquisitely crafted musical landscapes precisely for this moment in time. Meeting by chance on their European travels in Barcelona, they quickly discovered a mutual love of lounge, pop, chill, and electronica, and decided to bring that mutual love to fruition in a project of glorious quality.

Serge has been composing and arranging music for a significant period of his life, contributing to various projects with his unique understanding of rhythms and syncopation being in hot demand. His own remixes of tracks such as ‘Go’, ‘Memory’ and ‘Hypnotize’ by Laidback Luke are reimaginings that demonstrate a complexity that are more than just a compliment to the original artists.

When combined with the voice of Valery, the duo has found the perfect ingredients to deliver what can only be described as the sound of summer. Covering Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’ they have transformed the original into a track reminiscent of the jazz of Joao Gilberto and Stan Getz. Like a warm summer breeze reaching into your soul with translucent waves lapping at the shore, GoMerus have delivered a song capable of quenching that insatiable thirst for fulfilment.

Valery’s vocals are simply sublime and e ortlessly weave a narrative that keeps pace with their brilliant orchestration. The beckoning sway of guitar and keys underscored by a gentle percussive beat are a magnificent testament to their acquired knowledge.

“We are constantly looking for new musical experiences to show what we are capable of. This means that our arrangements can be quite unexpected and tell a completely di erent story from the music you may have heard before.”

Do not be fooled by whatever misguided preconceptions you may have about Latvia. GoMerus produce work of extreme beauty and grace that is worthy of featuring on any stage in the world. Authentic and wonderfully addictive, fluid and dynamic; they are the perfect antidote for today’s challenges.

They represent a blissful future of musical possibilities and that cultured sound that we have all been yearning for.


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