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Born in California, Heather Walton is an American singer-songwriter living in Utah, USA. She composes her music with the acoustic guitar and piano, her favorite being the electric guitar. Some of her influences are: Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera (all the divas). Along with Elton John, one of her favorite artists. She also has a love for classical music, which often trickles into her compositions. She began singing before she could talk, with some of her earliest memories performing for her church congregation. She’s participated in choirs, music festivals, singing groups and competitions, as well as studio work. Heather’s childhood was overflowing with the arts including dance classes, vocal lessons, and a passion for acting.

As a contemporary vocalist that adores romantic music, Heather is aspiring to achieve this vibe in her upcoming work. She enjoys tapping into her feminine and sensual side, her most authentic nature. She hopes to spread light with her music and lyrics, as her mission is to help all feel love, the highest of all values.

Heather started releasing covers on YouTube in 2018 and was discovered by a Canadian mastering engineer, François Rocheleau. He began mastering her covers and encouraged her to release original compositions. In 2019 she joined a local band and learned a lot about team work. She still enjoys collaborating with them when possible. In 2020 she was contacted by Mtec Academy Music Production from London, UK. They released 7 singles together.

Early 2021, Heather signed with the renowned Italian Sonos Music Records Intl. Label Maffucci Music.

Out in May her new single “I Wanna Know” which will be the first of a long collaboration with them and the arranger Ermanno Corrado, who runs his recording studios and video production facility.


I want to know more about the possibilities of the purest human emotion… love. This is the basis of my new single “I Wanna Know.” It’s an anthem for the world, but especially dreamers. About a big ideal based on one’s innermost desires and feelings that have a deep meaning in the most passional way. It’s about overcoming boundaries and quest for light. My hope for “I Wanna Know” is that it will spark the listener to analyze their deepest desires on the subject of love, and then strive to reach new heights in their relationships, emotions, fantasies, and dreams. Love is the highest of all values after all.


We wanted to create a music video that was introspective. A glimpse into a passionate woman’s life who is seeking a big ideal. We decided to go with a “movie like” structure as it enables the viewer to understand the story and her deep feelings more effectively. The rain during the first half of the video is symbolic. It not only creates the mood of romance, but it also highlights her determination and symbolizes a rebirth. Rain often brings abundance. The second half of the video the rain disappears as she has overcome a lot and is reaching new heights. You will see Cherry Blossoms throughout the second half of the video. They are symbolic of the spring- a time of renewal. Cherry blossoms are metaphors for human existence- their bloom time is only fleeting. They also signify love and the female mystique (beauty, strength and sexuality) along with tranquility and peace.

(P)2021 – SONOS  MUSIC RECORDS (a Maffucci Music Label)

©2021 – “I Wanna Know” (Heather Marie Tanner), MAFFUCCI MUSIC

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Interview by Tim Brown

When and why did you get involved with music?

By the time I was 4, I was imitating all the divas and throughly enjoyed karaoke. You would often hear my sister and I harmonizing. I come from a musical family so It’s in my blood. I felt a deep passion early in my life and always knew it was something I needed to pursue. That feeling has never left me.

What makes this kind of music “good” to you?

I have quite a diverse background in music. All of these combined experiences have contributed to my sound. One thing that is consistent with my music is the emotional vibe. Many of the chord progressions I use coupled with a unique melody, create deep feelings and a higher awareness.

Let’s talk about your last work?

“I Wanna Know” is my latest single. It’s the ultimate love song created for dreamers with idealistic thinking. The music video is full of symbolism from the rain to the cherry blossoms. The message becomes more clear to the viewer over time. It was a pleasure to create with my team at Sonos Music Records.

What are your plans for the future?

There will be plenty of culture, music and art. I am currently in the process of composing my EP. This October I’m hoping to make a trip to Italy where my label is based, to record my songs and make a music video. Of course when performing is back, I want to share my music and travel the world. I will never stop creating!

How has your music evolved since you first started playing?

I started out putting covers on YouTube. A Canadian mastering engineer discovered my work and encouraged me to write original songs. I needed that little push, but have never looked back. I’ve since composed more songs than I can count… and collaborated with musicians all around the world. I’ve come a long way.

Could you briefly describe the songwriting process?

It’s not the same for every song. I try to be open to the process and let it flow naturally. Generally I know the vibe I want and what I want to say. The hard part is getting that message across in a poetic, musical and catchy way. Often times I figure out the chords progression I want, then add the melody and lastly the lyrics.

How do you feel about the internet in the music business?

It has changed a lot over the years, and will continue to change. Nobody can fully predict how the music industry will evolve. We as artists need to be creative and adapt the best we can. There is always going to be a lot of learning. A knowledgeable team willing to back your journey makes a big difference so that the artist is able to focus more on creating. I am grateful for my musical network on the internet. I wouldn’t be here today without it.

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

I find inspiration from many genres. 2 of my favorite musicians are Elton John and Prince. They are both the epitome of a true artist. I watch and listen in awe. Of course, I love all the divas as they were some of my biggest inspirations growing up. These include: Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Cristina Aguilera. A big idol of mine is Maria Callas. She puts me in a different dimension with her perfect vocals (yes, I also love classical and opera music)

Do you perform in public?

I have performed a lot throughout my life. Obviously the past year has been a break with the pandemic. I am hoping to soon perform my music with an orchestra!

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