BLUOMBRE MUSIC – Artist of the Month (May 2021)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Bluombre is the pseudonym of Giuseppe Tumolo, an Italian author and producer. He likes to define his project “a virtual band”: each song is developed in different versions and arrangements and then entrusted to an interpreter suited to the project according to the genre, language and mood. Over the years he has collaborated with emerging artists, talented men and women who have influenced each song by bringing their personal feelings and attitudes.

The latest work produced by Bluombre is called New Beginning and is sung by Sarah D’Innoncenti, an Italian singer and songwriter with a passion for soul music and a and a recognizable black voice.

This release follows the musical project started in 2020 entitled Ripartenza, “Restart”: A mini EP, containing 3 versions of this song, linked to a charity project.

This latest version, “New Beginning”, is defined by Bluombre as the main version for several reasons: the song is dressed in a modern pop arrangement with RnB and electronic influences and is sung in the most known language in the world: English.

The meaning of the text follows the Italian one with the necessary adjustments for the English metric. In a nutshell, the song talks about our ability to believe in love, relationships, and the future: a very important topic especially in this pandemic period, a dark time around the world.

The horizon is always in front of us, the capacity of mankind is knowing how to react and move forward, but to do so we must look within, and find strength together. We must find time for the most beautiful and useful things, learn to reconstruct on our mistakes: only with love can these results be obtained, without it would be the end of everything.

The text is written by Giuseppe Tumolo (Bluombre), the music is composed by Davide Tonello and Giuseppe Tumolo.

In this version, the arrangements are by Elyas Run. 

Executive production of Bluombre music.

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