Adria Dinev just announced a new single and music video, My Man.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

British-Bulgarian singer songwriter Adria Dinev combines the timelessness of pop music, her passion for heavier music and classical training to create a sound that is so uniquely hers. Studying at many prestigious music institutes including Bulgaria’s National Music School “Liubomir Pipkov” and London’s Brunel University, the young starlet approaches her music with knowledge and integrity.
Earning herself nominations for the Fair Play Country Music First Red Carpet Award Show 2020 in categories Amazing Female Voice – Blues Cover and Amazing Female Voice – Original Pop/ Rock Song for her song You Won’t Fool Me, as well as becoming a finalist in Europe’s acclaimed Tour Music Fest Songwriting Competition for her song You Should Know, Adria is only scratching the surface of what she has to offer.
Her voice was later affected by an illness, forcing her to pause on her passion and focus on her health. However, she kept her artistry alive by working in the film industry both as a first assistant director and professional actress. 2020’s lockdown brought her vocal wellness at the time when she could knuckle down and come back to her music again, leading her to release singles such as What I Want and Thank You, both solely worked on songs with the latter written in homage to her father.
Her latest release, My Man, created in collaboration with producer Sean Kennedy, sees her return stronger than ever with some of her most ambitious work to date.

Adria Dinev is an artist who set out to create a unique sound, inspired by a wildly diverse blends of genres and influences. However, the core of Adria’s sound is rooted within the alternative rock genre, but there is also an element of pop, embracing some catchier hooks. Adria’s music brings a breath of fresh air to the scene. The artist’s most recent release, My Man, is a staggeringly good example of her sonic vision. This release hits hard with a massive sound, but there is also a lot of room for great melodies to unfold. The song, produced by the talented Sean Kennedy, has got a bit more of a hybrid touch, which makes it all the more interesting for the audience.

My Man is immediately outstanding due to the amazing quality of the production. The track is quite diverse in terms of how every different element comes together, and it really expresses Adria’s creativity and her diverse sound. The music video for My Man is also really spot-on, offering a really perfect visual approach to the music. The song could be described as a unique pop rock single from this amazing songwriter, also has a really balanced vibe throughout the duration of the track. With lyrics such as “I want to feel your lips tonight,” she goes for a very romantic feel, that fits with the darker song of the background arrangements.

If you are looking for your next favorite pop-rock song, My Man could definitely be it, so don’t pass up on Adria’s beautiful music!

Adria’s music comes highly recommended if you like the work of seminal recording artists such as Son Lux, SOHN, Chet Faker, Daughter, Banks and Sleep Token, only to mention a few.

Find out more about Adria Dinev, and do not miss out on My Man. This release is currently available on some of the web’s best digital music streaming platforms.

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