Racks by SSJ Eleven

Rating: 5 out of 5.

19 year-old SSJ Eleven, (a.k.a Jaden Ali Walker) is an American hip-hop/rap artist born and mostly raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Born August 12th 2001, Jaden has drawn inspiration from many different artists from every music genre, and as he continues to grow as an independent artist starting from the bottom, all alone with no connections or other means of help. He strives to let that show in his music, releasing multiple tracks of different styles, flows, and genres. His love for music spans through every genre of music, and he strives to release music that showcases this to fullest extent. Starting in 2021, Jaden will continue to show the world what he’s made of as an artist, quite literally working independently from the ground up, and as he says, “SSJ we on the scene”, he strives to be on the music scene in 2021. #weonthescene™️

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