Chucka Ducka – Artist of the Month (April 2021)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Chucka Ducka is a Muncie Indiana local orders signed to his own label : ParkviewTv , DoggyGangEnt . Chucka Ducka Is Working on his new album Summer Nights 2 Which Will Be his 14th album Chucka Ducka Lost his Friends China , Pete , And Day Day And His Grandma Lovie He Said ” It was hard over these years but I’ma stay focused and love my dream n make it out n give my daughter a better life “. He was born and raised in Muncie Indiana in His Hood Parkview . Chucka Ducka Was Shot When He Was 17 He Was Affiliated With Elm Block , And Doggygang Which he says not a gang we a family. Chucka Ducka Been Arrested for 4 Resisting Law Enforcement , HandGun WithOut A Licenses , 2 Criminal Mischief , And Trespassing. The Local Artist Beat all his Charges And is A American Rapper Superstar And Musical Artist And The Hottest In Indiana!!

He Has 4 Sisters and 2 Brothers And went To
Washington Carver Elementary, Longfellow Elementary , Northside Middle School , Delta Middle School , Yorktown Middle And Southside High School.

For Shows And Features And Podcast And Bookings You Can Email The Label :

Chucka Ducka Wants his fans and supporters Worldwide To know that he loves them And Thanks For Believing in Him.

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