Malcom Rose

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Malcom Rose is an emerging hip-hop artist from Ontario, Canada not only has he been creating music he has been gaining local and international attention from industry leaders. He is currently making his mark in the global hip-hop game. His sound Uniquely fuses together a jaw-droppingly wide range of styles to the modern rap sound to create something entirely original and distinctly his. Growing up, he was quite a misfit, though found solace and direction in making music. He always excelled at subjects like English in school and soon began writing raps in his teen years. By 18 he had recorded and released an EP. He eventually quit the nine-to-five life he was living in pursuit of his music dreams full-force. The young artist is currently working his way up, performing in local venues and regularly releasing hip-hop tracks in a diverse range of styles. Music is his life 24/7 these days. Noting that he’s not in it for the money or the fame. He likes the hustle of the music game and wants to cause as big of an impact as an artist as he possibly can. As a musician he is constantly pushing new boundaries and wants nothing more than to tour, record and release on the daily.

IG – malcomrosemusic

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