Yella Boi Rich x Lil Boosie – Halo

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Yella Boi Rich is a living testament of the come up. A business minded artist preparing to share his absorbing heartfelt story with the world. Jeremy LeBlanc, known as ” Yella Boi Rich ” was born April 26, 1990 into a single parent home. It was tough growing up with 10 other siblings and being the last in line. This prompted Jeremy to run away at the age of 14 , joined boot camp at 16, and was force to make decisions on his own. The move motivated Jeremy to hit the grind with hustling in mind. Jeremy has gone from living on his own and selling candy in the streets to making ends meet, to becoming a business owner by opening a barbershop with a childhood friend. Unfortunately there were some bad decisions made along the way in his life in the streets and also a failed marriage, but he became the father of a handsome young man , which became his priority. Jeremy also took this time to jump into another passion of his music. While he been hearing people say for the longest that he was a talented singer. It took is first single ” Mary Jane ” Featuring ” Lil KeKe ” to really prove that he had what it takes. Due to different adversaties like being shot left for dead and Going to jail a year later. Jeremy was released the end of 2017. Now he’s gearing up for his first EP thats filled with original material. Tune in to Yella Boi Rich ! And look out for upcoming shows and promotional appearance in a city near you!

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