I Can’t Breathe by Josiah Ruff

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What do Fred Hammond, Brian Mcknight, Mariah Carey, John Stoddart, Take 6, Chris Willis, Boyz2Men and Switchfoot all have in common? Other than the obvious; great music careers millions of fans etc… All of these artists have influenced Josiah Ruff musically. Professedly a Christian/Gospel singer, Josiah has also lent his voice as a session musician to hundreds of Indie songs in multiple genres including Christian, Gospel, R&B, Jazz, Rock, House and even Country. Josiah Ruff is a California native but resides in Florida. His musical career started in high school when a substitute teacher hired him as a church pianist after hearing Ruff play the piano trying to impress the onlooking girls. Josiah knows that God has given him a unique gift and testimony. The gift is apparent in his art, the music he produces, the songs he writes, the songs he sings, all display his God-given talent. But his testimony is one that you may not see or hear at first glance. “He’s always been faithful to me,” Josiah says, “no matter what has been going on in my life; financial difficulties, family tragedy, professional failures, God has always been there keeping me strong, resilient and determined.” Josiah is currently working on new music; Hymns Vol. 2. Hymns Volume 2 is a compilation of traditional hymns rearranged for a modern, contemporary, Josiah Ruff sound. Josiah Ruff hopes that through his music and testimony you will come to understand that the Father, Himself loves you too.

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