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ATown was born as Allen Sherrod on June 5, 1993, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A comedian from the ground up loves to go out and hang out with great vibes. His struggles, Pain, and strength makes him the man he is. Lets dive deeper.

-What helped you during hard times?

   God. Leave it to God and don’t stray away. One reason is I almost committed suicide or end up in jail. 

  • Brought knife to school. 
  • Would’ve stabbed someone because of the bullying and threats.
  • Something spoke to me and I didn’t.

Do you feel like Middle school was a horrible experience?

  • Middle school was the worst part of my life.
  • People would want to harm or kill me
  • No security in the Charter school I attended in Philadelphia.
  • I kept praying & kept showing them my face. 

Has there been times that deterred you? 

  • Sometimes, at Dr. Appts would help stay away from school.
  • Used it as an excuse not to go back to school.
  • Didn’t sincerely open up to my mom because she wouldn’t believe me.
  • I love her and vise versa but its hard to understand the new age kids when you have kids.
  • She didn’t see the depth of trouble and pain. 

Was there a point where your mom interfered with the way you were treated?

  • Yes. She went to school and confronted the bullies.
  • They lied to her and told her its me

How did that make you feel?

  • All I can think and say is “Aint this bout a B*tch”
  • Literally my thought over and over … “Aint this bout a B*tch”
  • They would flip the table and I would be frustrated that I wouldn’t talk about it.
  • Made me look I am the villain and I have to internally deal with it. 

Did you get to walk the stage as a Middle School Graduate?  How was that like with everything happening?

  • Was kicked out from graduating in 8th grade from Charter School because a teacher said I wasn’t allowed to eat out of church. It was all just a target to push me.
  • Reality, I, as well as anyone, can eat. 
  • It didn’t bother me as much as making sure I graduate from HS and walk the stage. 

How’d you feel during your High School Graduation?

  • It was raining. I looked at it as Angels crying.
  • Felt weird like new steps were being ordered.
  • People came to watch me. People from PBS came and took pictures of me and I wasn’t sure why.
  • I was nervous as far as reaching fame because I am being pulled in different directions and told I cannot go to college.

How did you feel about college?

  • College people and recruits kept talking me down.
  • I wanted to be a self defense attorney.
  • They kept tellin me to test for hands on, discouraging me, and I know I am not inadequate.
  • Made me test for Attorney for defense
  • I was told its not because I have health issues but it truly was why
  • I kept feeling the judgement purely off their words and deliverance.

What did you do after their statements?

  • I told my mom
  • In some way she agreed in her ways.
  • She re-iterated that my health issues made people look at me different.
  • When I would read for College members, they would tell me I am saying or speaking incorrectly but I KNOW I was not.
  • Its was all pre-judgement based off of my health.

How did that allow you to move and/or adjust?

  • I learned and revisited because I was hands on.
  • Went to culinary school.
  • Went to therapy to understand the life I had and how to be positive.
  • I wanted to get into Morris College in North Carolina and didn’t get it because of my health.
  • They kept telling me I was not ready.
  • The Drs. Kept telling me no for college.
  • Social worker said no.
  • My own mom said I was not ready. 

With the way people downplayed your performance or skills, what would you tell others who face similar issues?

  • Pieces will fall in place. You do not chose.
  • When you follow God, you believe its your work but its really God.
  • “Please do what you feel in your heart. Do not allow people to change or stop you.”
  • “keep your head up. Miracles happen. Just push forward Thank you for asking Z. Someone will believe you.”

Key take away:

  • Some of the bullies are dead.
  • Some girl lied about ATown and the boyfriend brought a gun to middle school to harm him.
  • Later he apologized when he found out the girlfriend lied.
  • Keep walking in faith and leave no room for bullies.
  • “I was hurting from my past but I fought to stay above.”
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