Black Metal Rose – “Take it to the Metal”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Black Metal Rose is the brainchild of Iron Maden loving John Santana, who like the rest of us is in lockdown at home. For John lockdown had given him the opportunity to record his first solo tracks and build a band the way he wants it.
John lives in Glasgow, Scotland, and would never have believed a virus that started on the other side of the world could impact everyone else’s lives so much. But this time has inspired John to write some of his most blistering riffs and screaming solos
For John, the music is a journey and his songs tell the story. He wants the listener to step inside and feel the power of the music filling all their senses.
This is the first time John has worked with vocalist Lorenzo Vincenzo. “Lorenzo adds a new dimension to the tracks, with his searing vocals he makes you stop and pay attention”
John has also been working with producer and guitarist Ronnie Arovo in the studio, the collaboration started online and the results have compelled John to put out this early sample of his work.
This is only the beginning for Black Metal Rose, John is heading straight back to the studio to start work on a full album of blistering hot tracks, after all, there is little opportunity of going on tour in the near future.
The EP “Take it to the Metal” is going to be released on the 4th of December and is a four-track taster of great things to come…
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