Ballad for Adeline by Steven Vitali

Rating: 5 out of 5.


He  is noted by many as a creative genius as someone so gifted with so many  artistic abilities. Often told by others that it is rare that you come  across someone so gifted, hardworking and humble. Steven  is a French/Italian multidimensional instrumentalist who was born June  21, 1964 on the first day of summer and Father’s Day, in Toronto,  Ontario, Canada.

Growing up in Toronto, Steven attended St.  Timothy’s Catholic School, Brebeuf College School, which is a boys’  school, whose main apostolate is the Christian education of youth,  Woodbine Junior High school in Toronto, Georges Vanier, the public high  school in Toronto, and Seneca College of Applied Arts. Steven also  trained in sports at York University in Toronto, where he enjoyed many  years of track and field. His goal was always to run in the Olympics but  after signing his first universal deal with Warner/Chappell he found  that it was very difficult to manage both his sports and at the same  time give his music the attention that the labels were looking for. It  was at that time that he hung up is racing flats.

Steven Vitali  says that he cannot take all the credit for his success, and that his  success springs from his loving, supportive family and his friends.

Steven’s  mother was born in North Dakota and although spent most of her life in  Canada she never gave up her American citizenship. His father, now a  retired builder was raised by his French mother and his Italian Father.  Steven’s maternal Grandfather on his mother’s side was French American,  and his maternal Grandfather on his father’s side was Italian. Steven  says that accounts for the passion within his music and films. Vitali’s  maternal Grandmother was also American.

Steven often tells others  that when it comes to his art he is much like his father, only that he  builds arrangements in music and scenes in films, rather than tall  structures.

Steven first played music in the orchestra at St.  Timothy’s Catholic School. At an early age Steven enjoyed participating  in public speaking and classroom school drama. He particularly remembers  playing the character role of a pizza maker where he performed in the  library and sang for family, friends and teachers. And it was here at  St. Timothy’s school that Steven got a taste of acting and received his  first taste of orchestral arranging.

Steven Vitali was initially  musically inspired after seeing an orchestra perform the “Nutcracker  Suite” ballet, cementing his desire to compose his own music. Although  Steven Vitali was mainly self-taught as a composer, his musical training  began in grade school, where he played the trumpet and French horn. He  took the principles he learned a step further, and knew that song  writing was what he wanted to do.

Steven Vitali’s music has been  represented by such companies as, Sony Music, Capitol Records,  Warner/Chappell Music and Koch. 1n 1994 Steven Vitali was inducted into  the Canadian Snowbirds Hall of Fame as an Honorary Snowbird in  recognition for his outstanding contribution to the Canadian Snowbirds  flying team.

Vitali has gained a worldwide reputation as a  multi-instrumentalist. Steven Vitali is able to explain music to a wide  variety of listeners in a clear and definitive manner. Vitali’s  masterful music is built on romantic structure. It is all at once  lyrical, rhythmical, and harmonically opulent. Vitali is a composer,  arranger, and performer, equally at home writing for radio, the concert  hall, and for film and television.

As a young boy, Steven  received his first piano as a gift from a generous neighbor, who perhaps  intuitively recognized his musical desires. Thus began his  inspirational journey of musical expression. In Steven Vitali’s quest to  find new sounds he truly relates and refers to the statement made by  the late, John Cage who wrote, “My favorite music is the music I haven’t  yet heard. I don’t hear the music I write: I write in order to hear the  music I haven’t yet heard.”

Steven’s musical arrangements convey  imagination and emotion which evoke a sense of passion, excitement and  romanticism. He is able to integrate this into his personal style in a  remarkable manner. Vitali’s music is an unique blend of virtually all  styles, often merging popular and classical styles.

Since Steven Vitali first came to Hollywood he has been gaining attention not only as a film  score composer/instrumental artist, but also as an actor, director and  film producer. He enjoys all aspects of getting acquainted with Hollywood Film Productions, other producers and directors.

Steven Vitali is no stranger to helping causes and people. He has composed music for Celine Dion to help bring awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. He has hosted two charity runs

in Canada, one to help raise money for Sick Kids Hospital and the other to help raise money for Hugh MacMillan Medical Centre. 

In December 2019, Steven was made the Ambassador for Teen Cancer America, and as since raised thousands of dollars for this charity. 

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