Jae’ Morrissa

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jae’Morrissa is a singer-songwriter based in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Originally born as Ingrid Jasmin, she quickly became known by her professional artist name Jae’Morrissa. She fell in love with music at just three years of age, when she discovered a raw natural talent for singing. She was always surrounded by incredible music from her mother and she quickly grew and developed as an artist. However, the moment that Jae’Morrissa kick-started her career was performing for hospital patients and nursing home residents.  

The artist rose to fame when she was traveling the world as a nurse. She was well-known as “The Singing Nurse” among her colleagues, yet after a video of her singing whilst on a work break was released online, it quickly went viral. Overnight, Jae’Morrissa became a household name! 

Ever since this moment, she hasn’t looked back. She has been dropping a slew of releases that feature her signature pop and R&B energy. With each new song, Jae’Morrissa is taking the music industry by storm and garnering thousands of new fans. 

What makes Jae’Morrissa stand out in the music scene is her stunning and powerful voice. She can instantly melt the heart of anyone who hears her and she is able to perfectly capture poignant and expressive emotions with just her vocal cords!   

If you enjoy the likes of, Deniece Williams, Stephanie Mills, and Minnie Rippleton, then you’ll love Jae’ Morrissa’s distinctive style! 

Find out more about Jae’Morrissa and discover her music at the links below! Don’t forget to check out her brand new single, “Butterfly” and stay tuned for her upcoming releases “AWOL” and “Nobody Like Me”.   


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Jae’Morrissa is a rising star that is due to release two fresh new hits, “AWOL” and “Nobody Like Me” soon! 

Jae’Morrissa is famous for her heart-wrenching performances and her unbelievable vocal range. She has already released two singles, “Butterfly” and “Just My Next Song”, which have catapulted her to the top of the music scene. 

“AWOL” is a poignant and expressive release that explores a very personal side of Jae’Morrissa’s life. Her lyrical composition is deep and authentic, and she explores her father abandoning her family when she just a baby. Then, she takes a look at how that moment has had a ripple effect on her life and past relationships.

Jae’Morrissa is a talented and innovative artist, and her next release, “Nobody Like Me” is almost like a part two of this story. This is a more hopeful and inspiring track that dives into how she has now healed, found the love of her life, and is now engaged. It’s a positive and upbeat number that gives the listener a happy ending to the story! 

“AWOL” is due to be released next week and “Nobody Like Me” will be dropped in September. Don’t miss out on Jae’Morrissa’s unique blend of R&B and pop, and her powerful lyrics and voice!

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