Bluombre music returns with a new musical project and this time in English.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Interview by Tim Brown

Hi Bluombre, please tell us more about you and your new project

“My song talks about our ability to bring the mind to safety, to preserve it from all the attacks that come from outside every day. Knowing how to control and filter what comes”. In summary, this is the message of this song.

A double version even if we could say “triple” since there is already the mother song in Italian, entitled “Una nuova aria / A new time”

This is the characteristic of Bluombre musica: developing a song in a musical project, arranging the song in a different way and entrusting it to an interpreter. Collaboration and sharing at the center of everything. Giuseppe Tumolo is the author and producer and is fully involved in all activities.

“They are a virtual band, each one brings his own but physically we are often distant from each other”.

This song has evolved over time and thanks to having to adapt it to the English language, it has partly changed its meaning, its message.

The versions are two and both sung by Gabriel Tali: pop / rock version arranged by Simone Ubezio and the dance version remixed by Sam Goldstein.

“The desire to leave (the train that leaves), the desire to take our soul elsewhere that the mind often fails to protect.

You need courage but also love for yourself. “

The music is pressing with the refrain created on purpose to stay immediately in mind. A pop / rock arrangement with a nice final solo.

I hope you are curious and maybe you will come and discover all my works. 

Thank you so much i think our audience will take a look to your music…

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