Neon Funeral (EP) by Neon Funeral

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jersey City
“Supported by powerful bass and guitar lines, Neon Funeral’s music is based on electronics that are capable of moving listeners with classic melodies of 80’s synth-wave, but brought to the most visceral paroxysm with a voice closer to industrial, alternative, and metal styles. “DeLorean in the Desert” and “Looking Past You” can be part of any club playlist and their power has no limits: a sound explosion to dance and tear with its irresistible melody. “iPlague” closes this EP, leaving listeners with a great taste in their mouths, combining electronics with vocal atmospheres.
Neon Funeral brings originality to the alternative scene.”
~Jo Claverie Spring 2020

Youtube channel
Our music video was released on May 9th






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