Count Bluntas – Artist of the Month (August 2020)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The “Red Pill EP” has arrived. Count Bluntas delivers five exclusive hardcore hip hop bangers including the lead single “Red Pill.” The highly anticipated EP checks all the boxes for dopeness including sick production, high energy vocals, and conscious lyrics pulling from todays headlines. As usual, Bluntas goes against the mainstream perspective and provides an alternate view of life and politics through a conspiratorial lens. Inspired by the insane events of 2020, the “Red Pill EP” is the soundtrack for patriotic freedom loving people who question the existing narratives force fed by the mainstream media.

Paying respect to the great Wu Tang Clan, Count Bluntas puts his special twist on “Wuhan Flu Ain’t Nuthing Ta F’ Wit” breaking down the Corona virus pandemic, the players involved, agendas, and bring the virus style to this incredible song.

Based on the incredible and important heavily censored documentary “Out of Shadows” by Mike Smith, Bluntas puts this ground-breaking content into a song with the same name “Out of Shadows.” Hollywood is exposed through examination of government programs such as Operation Paperclip, Mockingbird, and MK Ultra. Calling out the pedophiles, satanists, and evil-doers, a light is shined on the dark underbelly of Hollywood. It’s not for the faint of heart, as the subject matter is very difficulty to digest, however it’s important to expose these criminals and protect those who cannot protect themselves, the children.

The penultimate track “Ready for War” describes the mentality of the silent majority of 2nd amendment citizens. Although we might not be louder then the far left liberals, we have strong values and will do whats necessary to support our military, troops, constitution and bill of rights. Featuring some classic F-DUB lines in the hook, this track is tough, a true head bopping excursion.

Finally, the cherry on top of this epic extended play release, is “Where We Go One We Go All” aka WWG1WGA. Diving into the QANON movement, Bluntas pulls from facts from the global agendas such as how many companies actually own the entire media, how many wealthy families run the world. Based loosely on the award winning director Janet Ossebaard from the Netherlands banned documentary, “Fall of Cabal.” This track is a summation of the topics covered and brings a happy ending as the Cabal must fall and thru the lord’s will, the patriots will stand united and ultimately be victorious in this armageddon.

Be on the lookout for the music videos for all of these songs, the “Red Pill” video is already out, next up is the “Wuhan Flu Ain’t Nuthin to F Wit’”.

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About Count Bluntas

President and co-founder of Golden Goonz Entertainment, Steve Kalikhman, (aka Count Bluntas) is a super producer, enlightened MC, mixing engineer, video editor, creative director, and an information technology consultant. He is down to earth, intelligent, insightful, thoughtful, considerate, project oriented, focused, humble, and might be the 2nd most interesting man in the world.

Count was born in the Ukraine in 1977, and came to the United States in 1980 with his loving parents and older brother. Growing up in Brooklyn, he played sports in the street and the parks with the bigger kids. Hanging out with the older crowd, Count’s learning curve drastically increased as well as his maturity. As he got older, Count excelled in scholastic activities at James Madison HS where he received national awards and a scholarship. At Binghamton University he created and distributed mixtapes, worked at the local radio station, and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

In 2002, Count worked as a recording engineer at Beat Mechanics Recording Studio in Jamaica, Queens with legendary musician Master Shane (R.I.P). The following year, Count started assembling his home studio while sharpening his production and engineering skills. In the next few years, Count funded his own studio working full-time web development jobs in NYC. He would come home nightly and to build his skills producing and engineering music.

In 2012, Count joined forces with F-DUB and they co-founded Golden Goonz Entertainment, an independent music company based in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. F-DUB has toured the Philippines, released multiple albums, found love, got married, and became a father. Count earned respect from the local music community with his extra crisp studio sound recordings and relentless work ethic. He’s added uniquely talented artists to the Golden Goonz roster including Bianco, Dama Nilz, Frankie Fingaz, Kool Da Great, MavriC, M-Geez, Moey Toons, The SPIX, Eturnal, and Zeps. Counts’ recorded and engineered all these artists and produced most of the songs they released under Golden Goonz.

Count’s writing and MC abilities are on display with the release of “Future Paradise” co-starring Frankie Fingaz in 2012, then on “Down For The Count” in the summer of 2013, and on “Golden Brothers” co-starring F-DUB in 2014.

Count has been blessed to work with phenomenal musicians world-wide from across the country and the world, such as: The Shark, Prosice, Fahim, Josiah Hotwire, Ken Boogaloo, Yesh the fool, Subliminal, Major Lyrics, Bane Kido, Lavish Life, Mike Swift, Jae Duece, Rune Rim, Gode Ord Dør Sist, Dekstra Large, Little Jase, XienHow, Enzyme Dynomite, Delario & Mixwell, Westbay, Traverse, Copywrite, DJ True Justice, DJ Brown 13, and many more.

Striving for excellence, he continues to work overtime to keep Golden Goonz a fixture in the music community by continually creating entertaining content for the masses. 

Count Bluntas Press Kit:

About Golden Goonz Entertainment

Golden Goonz Entertainment LLC., established in 2012, is an independent music entertainment company. Golden Goonz creates positive thought provoking music for all generations to enjoy. Our main recording facilities are based in Las Vegas, NV.  Lead by Count Bluntas (producer, engineer, artist) and F-DUB (artist), Golden Goonz has been generating great hip hop for years and continues to create new classics.  Thanks to everyone, especially to our loyal fans, for your continued support.

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EP/Album Name: “Red Pill EP”

Artist: Count Bluntas

Producer: Count Bluntas

Studio: GnG Studios (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Music Video Link:

City: Las Vegas

State: Nevada

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