New Day in Delphi by John Luxury and the Ice Giants

Rating: 5 out of 5.

John Luxury and the Ice Giants are a band that came out of the inner city of Los Angeles. My name is John “Luxury”Scavens. I`m a BMI trained staff writer, write all styles of music, and have been a vocalist for STP, Elijah, and other successful bands and also recording with major producers for over 20 years-Tony Alexander-producer for Stevie Wonder and Ratt at Poyel Studios, Don Mosley-ADDI Award Winner and owner/operator of the Sound of Birmingham Recording Studios.I`ve also worked with Rick Hall at the Muscle Shoals Sound Studios-Muscle Shoals Al, Gary Peterson-Producer at Abby Roads Studio, and Lou Stone,a producer in N.Y. among many others. My current band, John Luxury, and the Ice Giants include Dave Waterbury, a former member of Spirit{I Got a Line on You} and the Boxtops{The Letter}, Tony Lee Parker of the Tony Lee Parker Group in Bolivia, and Oscar “Lincoln” Jenkins, formerly of the Temprees{A Love Between a Boy and Girl}Dave Waterbury is the producer and co-writer in the band and has produced many acts in L.A. including Berlin, Gene Simmons, Eric Burton, and numerous others. We have worked together for 15 years. The band is currently working on the album Hello Rockin` Robin, and the new single “City of Gold” will be available in October. My brother is Pat Williams, chief editor at FOX here in L.A. and we are co-producing the video for “City of Gold”.I`d like to add that I always welcome making new associations and friends and that Dave and I are open to working with major labels and/or independent labels after we complete the project, hopefully by Nov 2019. The band is Oscar “Lincoln” Jenkins”-formerly of the Temprees, Tony Lee Parker with the Tony Lee Parker Band in Bolivia, Dave Waterbury-formerly of The Boxtops, Spirit-producer,co-writer, and arranger-also bass and guitars, Charles “Chuck” Harman-lead guitar formerly One Delta One and Johnny “Luxury” Scavens formerly of S.T.P.{Scavens, Trigger and Peterson}, One Delta One, Hyde Park, Who’s the Blonde?, and Elijah-chief writer, singer, head of the band, graphics, and co-producer.
The new record is “City of Gold” and will be released in October. Thank you all for your great support!Blessings, Johnny P..The chief person who developed me personally and the publishing administrator is Don Mosley: Owner
Sound of Birmingham Recording and Productions
1974 – Present (42 years)3625 5th Ave South, Birmingham, Al 35222

Don Mosley has produced over 500 jingles, many of which were national jingles; and has won more than a hundred ADDY awards and the coveted Clio Award – in advertising.
Don has engineered or produced records that were released on Atlantic Records, MGM, Stax Records, Rounder Records, Shelby Singleton labels (Nashville), as well as his own label. He has recorded such internationally known artists as Kenny Rogers, Roy Orbison, The Temptations, Sam Dees, Fredrick Knight, Blind Boys of Alabama, Lady Smith Black Mambazo (from South Africa), Roscoe Robinson, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Blackwood Brothers, Jake Hess, JoJo Benson, Peggy Scott, Rozetta Johnson, and Dorthy Love Coates, to name a few. Fredrick Knight’s gold record “I’ve Been Lonely For So Long” was recorded at Sound of Birmingham Studios and adorns the wall in the reception area.

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