Amaury Laurent Bernier – 34 Days in Lockdown

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Amaury Laurent Bernier is born in 1980 near Paris. He decided to get into Music after finding a Led Zeppelin record and an old acoustic guitar in his parent’s house. After creating his first band, he spent then about 12 years on the road and in the studios with different bands as a Songwriter, in which he would produce and arrange the music too. He turned naturally towards the film industry after being asked to compose the soundtrack of a short movie: The Director was impressed by his faculties to be the « Swiss army knife » of music production, as he was able to play more than 10 instruments, sing, arrange and mix, aside from his passion for the 7th Art and moving pictures in general. Since, he moved to Hamburg, Germany, and got to work on a fair amount of different kind of pictures like feature films, TV films, series, commercials, and short movies for family entertainment, as a music composer & songwriter mainly, sound designer or artist producer and music arranger.

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