Bad Things by Ben Jamn

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you’re looking for the coolest cat in music, you have found one heck of a kitten in Ben Jamn. The West Virginia native is a man of the Lord, (move over Kanye), and treats his tracks as a vessel for His message. That isn’t to say that he fits the archetype of a “Christian rapper,” and being shoehorned into that category would downplay his innate talent and insane wordplay. He has been deeply involved with hip-hop since the age of fifteen, and has flexed his muscles and clawed his way to get to his humble position as one of the state’s top up-and-coming emcees. Describing his sound as “the soul of the Tiger King” and vowing that “the bass will stay rated exotic,” this totally serious musician has delivered a sound that balances the heavy, trap-flavored production that captivates hip-hop today with the same witty word- play that the foundation was built upon. This ferocious feline is ready to scratch at the top spot as time wears on, so keep your ears ready for more!

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