Rating: 5 out of 5.

ATLVNTIS is the name of a German Synth-Pop-Rock band from Bavaria you’d better be aware of. After the band was founded in May 2020, they released their first Single “Ocean” in June. This single is supposed to be the start of a phenomenal journey. Different from the lost and sunken myth, the band made it to its business to combine synthetic sounds with elements of modern Rock and Pop, enwrapped with a lyrical anchor, which will drag you to the deepest of your thoughts. Very deep and affectionately written lyrics meet catchy hooks and parts you can dance to, without musically bypassing the deep and hidden side which lies in all of us.

From the ocean of bands emerges a newcomer formation, consisting of three, who has the potential to make a myth become reality. With their music they want to call something into live. Something great. Something hidden. The name of the band’s debut single is “The ocean will wash us away”

The members of ALTVNTIS are Daniel Bräutigam, Chris Schober and Lukas Stumpf. Let them take you on to a journey of modern song writing and resurrect the legend with them.

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