Mi Nombre KV ft Joquori – Dem Girl

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Collectively KV & Joquori make up the group Polyglots. Jolted with a sleek, but powerfully groovy sound, The Polyglots single “Dem Girl” is profoundly fun from the moment you hit play all the way through to the last beat. You will be both but impressed with this groundbreaking new artist, who are sure to challenge the mainstream sound, yet appeal to the masses with a practiced ease far beyond their years… Prevalent through the project is the influence Reggaeton and Latin/Afro Caribbean styles has had on these booming artists. The Polyglots are set to explode, with strong abilities to make you dance, and craft relatable lyrics that stick with you. The Polyglots are ready for the spotlight after putting out a project like this gem, “Dem Girl.”

IG: @joquori & @kvonroyale

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