FEZAN – Artist of the Month (May 2020)

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Born in the 80”s, It started off in the early 90”s for me, around 1991 my older brother would come at me with some battle type rhymes and I always responded.
1992 at 12 years old wrote my first song.
1993/1994 at 13 made my own recording studio and put out my first single and E.p.
1995- Put out another single, an e.p called Last Dayz In Time. Put together my first group called Lucid. 3 rappers, 2 r&b singers 1995 . 1996-1999 just creating, recording experimenting with bigger studios, different artist & sounds. Also created my music crew called FEZAN PRODUCTIONS. 1999-2000 put out my first legit E.P, called Nuttin But Anthems. Over thousand copies made & sold out the trunk. 2001 put out Fezan The Big Investment L.P. 2002- Put out an L.P called Again-n-Again. Interned at Jive Zomba for the promotions department. Made new contacts with DJ’s and met with top 40 recording artist and producers like Jermain Depree, 50 cent, Guru & others.Transferred to L.A. Where I would work with Mark and Sylvia Smith. Very successful music producers and writers for Destiny’s Child & others.2002-2003 I went back to N.Y did my thing on the Apollo in Harlem. Came back home to Worcester Ma 2004. 2008-2010 Putting out another L.P The Conspherecy Album. Focusing a lot on getting the tracks out there again. I’m in this game 4 life. God Bless.

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