Dangerous by AZRA

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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AZRA is an American self-proclaimed “Substance Pop” artist, performer, singer/songwriter, hip-hop dancer, model, author, and motivational influencer. She is a lover of unconventional wisdom whose mission is to inspire people to be their authentic selves and live out their dreams like a boss, unapologetically and boldly. AZRA’s music and her work combine pop vibes with her core message of having substance and depth. A natural creator, AZRA constantly writes out of Los Angeles and looks forward to introducing her newest and hottest music especially during shows. Check her out on Instagram, YouTube and the web for more content and latest updates.

From AZRA… “In 2008, I was diagnosed with juvenile glaucoma which forced me to give up all of my passions in music temporarily and focus on seeing out of my eyes again. I eventually got my sight back, and I eventually came full circle to being an artist again, but overcoming this experience was a defining moment of my life where I promised to dedicate my work in inspiring others to never give up, shift perspectives, seek possibilities beyond what meets the eye and go after their dreams. Ever since this experience I’ve spoken and performed at numerous colleges, high schools, organizations, festivals and music venues around the country. This is my mission and intention behind all that I do as a Substance Pop artist, singer, songwriter, performer, published author, and motivational storyteller.”


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