Cannady Law Beats – Artist of the Month (May 2020)

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Cannady Law Beats

Not too many producers come around like Cannady Law Beats. The beatsmith is a student of the game first and foremost, and fell in love with hip-hop at an early age. This affinity for the crisp drums of boom bap instrumentation would later intertwine with an equal passion for the new wave trap musings of modern day rappers. Cannady combines the best of both worlds, providing a layered sonic canvas that can be equipped for a lyrical emcee with a sharp delivery and witty punchlines or a melodic crooning hybrid of an artist who has a knack for catchy hooks and rhythmic flows. At the heart of each record is Cannady, proving to be the focal point of each record and its success. A creative fire burns bright in his corner, and the world will soon see, and hear, just how good Cannady Law Beats Truly Is!!

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Ig: cannadylawbeats74
Twitter: @74talktome


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