Messiah Lets Get Rid of Covid-19 AfterLockdown Club Party by Ray Zeus

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hey Ray tell us something about and your music project…

“Hi I am Ray Zeus, living in Dublin, Ireland, originally from Kolkata, India. I am a music producer, artist, vocalist and guitarist. My inspiration for music comes from Live Pub Music Culture in Dublin. I have performed in many pubs around the lively Temple Bar area in Dublin. I got many gigs and events in Dublin and as everyone knows Dublin has very live music culture, I learned a lot from many well known local artists in Dublin. I joined the Sunday Songbrunch Event at Darkelly Kelly’s Pub in Dublin where I met singer songwriters, got introduced to world of Live Music and then suddenly found myself writing my own compositions”.
My First composition was the song “Republic of Ireland, Felt Free Like a Bird” which has very huge response from the people Living in Ireland as the song captivates touristy places such as “Cliffs of Mohr, Dublin Castle”. My second song has 2 versions “Messiah, Lets Get Rid of Covid-19 AfterLockdown Club Party” and the other version “Lets Get Rid of Covid-19, Messiah”. This song reflects Messiah which I intend to dedicate to medical staff around the world who are doing a great job around the world. The main lines “I want to be a Messiah, Protect people from Disaster, All I want Save the People” was dedicated to Doctors around the world in times of need during the Covid-19 crisis. I am working on my next newly written songs “Love of my Life” which is dedicated to people losing someone in their lives and my speciality song “Be my Love, The Sunshine Song” which is dedicated to couple and lovers around the World. So Stay Tuned, Follow Ray Zeus and I can hope to finish the Album “The Truthful Messiah”.

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