Constantly by Sean Martin

Rating: 5 out of 5.

SEAN MARTIN was born in August 1968 In Manchester UK. With three sisters and three brothers, there was music bouncing off his childhood home’s walls – everything from rhythm and blues, soul and pop to country and folk. John Travolta and the Bay City Rollers would be heard coming from Sean’s sisters’ rooms; Roger Whitaker, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash were being played by his brothers, and if his father was home, Sean would hear even more Johnny Cash! Sean says, “My childhood was deafened by musical opinion or who could play the loudest music in their bedrooms, much to the annoyance of the deafened one – ME!

Sean enjoys honesty in songwriting. He employs a wordsmith attitude and has a quest to make real music that is sincere, stripped down and honest. His influences are vague, but Sean insists that he is not influenced by popular music. Instead, he says he is influenced by the truth as he sees it, together with a raw pleasure in creating great music.

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