Ace Boogie CT – Artist of the Month (April 2020)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Unique Rap Artist Ace Boogie CT Making Waves with Newly Released Lead Single

Summary: Connecticut based Ace Boogie CT is a promising rap artist and musician who is drawing attention from big label producers. His latest single ‘No Love’ is out now. 

A budding rap artist from the North-East, Ace Boogie CT was born in Louisiana but spent most of life living and breathing every experience that Connecticut had to offer. His latest single ‘No Love’ explores the quintessential Ace Boogie CT sound that many listeners know and appreciate. With the new single already making waves and gaining attention from big names in the music industry, Ace is fully geared to announce a full album in the near future. 

Imbued with a retro flare inspired by East Coat’s musical icons such as Jadakiss and Lloyd Banks, Ace’s sound combines the old and the new to create a fresh and ambitious sound that has immense potential to dominate radios across the country. Raised by a single mother and having entered practical life at an early age, Ace is no stranger to hardships and difficulties faced by himself and his people. Using his music as a tool for empowerment, he harnesses the power of positivity to turn his music into a celebration of love, life and hope. 

A spokesperson for Ace Boogie CT made an official press statement “Ace is an innovative artist with a strong work ethic. His musical prowess is truly unique as he is able to use nostalgic sounds as an inspiration, add his own genius touch and turn it into a completely new experience for the listeners. While his new single ‘No Love’ is getting much love and recognition, his album will be a magnum opus of hits that will become the future of East Coast hip-hop.”

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