U*N.I.Q.U.E – Artist of the Month (March 2020)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

HipHop Artist U*N.I.Q.U.E is a Texas native who isn’t new to the grind and hustle of the music business, this young Star has been grinding beyond compare with the ambition to win while dominating the underground musical world demanding her way in by aggressive lyrics; rather she has you turned up in the club or chilling riding listening to her conscience lyrics and 808 driven tracks.

Their isn’t any question why we had to cover this emcee known as your favorite rapper, favorite rapper. U*N.I.Q.U.E star qualities aren’t just known in the Booth but on the basketball courts as well coaching young players to stardom outside her time in the booth is just one of her many gifts, “Inspiration”, is what she represents on or off the courts, in or out the booth.

U*N.I.Q.U.E’s HipHop song called “Dedication” is the streets anthem of truth and hope as this young star holds the number 2 spot on the KPTR Party Train Radio show a DRT Charting Reporting radio station in Jacksonville Florida. U*N.I.Q.U.E’s music has grown their listeners by tripling their audience since the beginning of its world premiere on their show; and has quickly gain our attention to highlight this young Star on our artist of the month spotlight.

U*N.I.Q.U.E has been moving and shaking all across the United States performing at festivals and mainstream showcases in the music business. U*N.I.Q.U.E has done countless of songs with heavy weights with none out shining her lyrical ability to dribble across her 808 bass driven beats to slam dunking her message every time. With manager Dave Hewlett by her side this young lady’s future is bright in the music business.

For press inquiries on U*N.I.Q.U.E plz contact The Misty TV Firm Corp.
1 Rockefeller Center 10th & 11th Floors NY NY 10020 (646)722-2885

For Booking U*N.I.Q.U.E please contact management Dave Hewlett at email: hewlettd28@gmail.com

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