Stretch It by Blacc Cuzz

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Blacc Cuzz never dreamed of being a rapper, he only picked up the mic after starting his own label and seeing that everyone he signed was lacking what he had. He has the voice, the credentials, the lifestyle, and the swagger. He is an obvious fan of the genre and channels it into making music that he would want to listen to himself. This is premium grade trap music with the beats and the bump to back it up. 

Based out of Philadelphia, Blacc Cuzz has been busy building his record label and contacts and his infectious smile and love for the game has earned him a following that has seen him touring with Eightball and MJG. The album ‘Stretch It’ tells street narratives that are rooted in motivation and moving forward past the gritty past that birthed them. Blacc Cuzz wants to be the new voice of the streets and with this latest release, it’s clear to see he has a clear claim to the title.


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