Tone Trump – Artist of the Month (March 2020)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

March 13th, 2020 The Misty TV Firm Corporation began the DRT/Billboard Radio Charting Campaign for Tone Trump “Motivation” featuring 5 time Grammy Award winner Ceelo Green. All though this isn’t the two artist first time doing a song together, making songs such “Power” & “Dark Liquor” these two aren’t strangers of making hits together.

Misty Blanco CEO of The Misty TV Firm Corporation said she is honored to be given the chance to break Tone Trump’s “Motivation” featuring Ceelo Green on the DRT/Billboard radio charts. In fact she stated her company is going to put in extra work to help push this record to the #1 spot on Billboard.

Tone Trump is known as the biggest Ahki in the game, he’s not ashamed of his religious or spiritual beliefs of being a Muslim man of faith. Tone Trump shamelessly gives back to his community and the Islamic community.

Tone Trump and Ceelo Green were inspired to do this hit collaboration Atlanta GA. The two did what they do best make epic music together. Tone Trump isn’t just a rapper he’s a activist, entrepreneur, actor, public figure and community leader. His music has always been a message of real life and street events which he always make it clear no matter what your doing you have to make salat (prayer), and understand life.

The Misty TV Firm is also set to chart he’s other records “Dark Liquor” & “Power”, also featuring Ceelo Green along with a few more of his hits. Tone Trump has been noted giving back to the country of Kenya and shedding light on the diease of glaucoma and the effect it’s having on that country to doing so much more in his community rather as an activist, actor or musician.

Tone Trump “Motivation” featuring Ceelo Green has began its journey to become a major success, with powerhouse The Misty TV Firm Coro. behind it.

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